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Cybersecurity Information Morning

Yesterday, 23rd May, NBC hosted an exciting Information Morning focusing on Cybersecurity and the new DORA legislation.

Guest speakers at the event were local Kildare security expert, the award-winning Security Leader of the Year 2023, Paul Delahunty. Paul was joined by Daragh Naughton, Managing Director of security-first managed IT provider, Sleepless who shared his insight on the main threats faced by businesses today and how to mitigate against them and offer strategies to protect your business.

The information morning coincided with European Co Working day the same week. 


Newbridge Business Centre invited SMEs and business professional from all industries to join them at the digital hub in Charlotte House, Newbridge to learn some practical tips to help protect their business and customers’ data against a growing threat landscape. The event also focused on the new DORA legislation which will come into force from January 2025 and is aimed at the financial sector and its critical ICT providers. It is also legislation that Solicitors, Insurance Companies, Bankers, IT, ICT and Accountants need to be aware of.


Chief Security Information Officer with Stryve, and Newbridge resident, Paul Delahunty explained, 


“We've seen a shift away from attacks on large enterprise-level organisations, who are now more aware of cyber threats and a pivot towards small and medium-sized businesses, that are seen as soft targets by hackers. However, there are practical steps that any business can implement, many of which are free, to help secure their data and bolster their defences. It was great to share our top 7 Takeaway strategies for SMEs at the cybersecurity information morning at Newbridge Business Centre.”

Recent statistics* suggest that in Ireland:


  • Ransomware attacks have risen by 150 per cent. 

  • Phishing attacks have increased three-fold. 

  • SMEs are the main target with 81 per cent experiencing a phishing attack. 

  • Only 8 per cent who experience a ransomware attack get all of their data returned. 

  • One in 99 emails is a phishing attempt, yet most employees have not received awareness training and would fail to recognise the tell-tale signs of a phishing email. 


One of Ireland’s most secure workspaces


As Kildare's latest co-working space, Newbridge Business Centre (NBC) was designed with cybersecurity in mind. The owner, Martin Cooper, worked with Daragh Naughton from Sleepless, this year's Infinigate Irish EDGE partner of the year award winner, to ensure the cybersecurity infrastructure was in place to facilitate top-tier cyber defences at the business centre. The security-led MSP manages the network firewall service with a highly responsive support team.


NBC offers the industry's best practice Wi-Fi and protected telecommunications. It has high-speed business-class fibre internet connectivity for each space, separate Wi-Fi networks and individual IP addresses. The business hub boasts a 60-desk workspace with three meeting rooms, 18 private offices with additional co-working areas, plus a unique soundproofed booth for content creators. 


Daragh Naughton of Sleepless told us, 


“Martin and the team has created something unique in Newbridge, that he should be very proud of. The facility is second to none. You don't see a facility like this too often. The technology in use will suit every kind of business, and customers of NBC can rest assured that the technology in the building is high-performance, reliable and secure."

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