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Open House Launch at Newbridge Business Centre

Newbridge Business Centre at Charlotte House - The Third Workspace Solution

Built in 1840, Charlotte House holds many memories. Once the town’s main post office, it is the birthplace of famed Crystallographer Dame Kathleen Lonsdale.

The protected building has been meticulously renovated by Martin and Ainé Cooper, with exceptional care for the fabric of the historic home. The five-year regeneration project has brought the protected building back to life in the 21st century!

The prestigious landmark has transformed into a modern co-working space offering flexible high-end office facilities, high-speed internet connectivity, top-tier cyber security and professional support services.

The bright and spacious co-working centre offers a digital hub for co-creation, collaboration, and a meeting of minds within a modern dynamic facility. An antidote to 21st Century problem: workplace isolation.

Charlotte House boasts a 60-desk workspace and digital hub, private offices, and co-working areas. Three meeting rooms, 18 offices with additional hot desks. A unique soundproofed booth for content creators. Modern kitchen, breakout spaces and a rooftop garden, receptionist, administration support and more.

Having fallen into disrepair over many years, Charlotte House is now enjoying a new lease on life! The Newbridge Business Centre is inviting business enquiries. For more information, please visit:

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